Check out the photos here.

TPWD put on an event in College Station where they stocked a city pool with around 1200 trout. For the next three days anyone could pay $3 and catch up to three trout. Most of the fishing times were designated for just kids under the age of 10, but there were also some limited time slots for the general public.

Sure, it seemed weird to catch fish out of a swimming pool, but for little kids it was neat to be able to see the fish chasing and reacting to your lure. It was also nice to know that the odds were good you were going to walk away with at least a fish. That aspect made fishing out of a pool fun.

It was also neat to catch trout again. I had forgotten how visual trout are. They really track lures that are moving, and even then, they swim up to it and look over it for a split second before they decide if it looks safe to bite. I also overestimated the size of the trout. These were tiny little fish, akin to some of the small ones I caught years ago out of small creek in Colorado. Anyway, I did show up with the smallest treble hooks I have, which are small enough, but even still the trout were having a hard time swallowing it. Luckily a friend of ours who was also there let us borrow a tiny little single hook plastic lure. That worked well and we ended up catching all of our trout on it.

W. really had a great time. He may not have hooked the fish, but he did reel them in and put them on ice. He was a little sad that we “took them from their families” but I think he is still very excited at the prospect of eating his catch tonight for dinner. Ironically we’ll also be making burgers since the trout fillets probably have about 2 ounces of meat on them each. I did get some practice deboning a trout fillet. I got most of the bones out but I’ll take a bass or catfish any day over trout.

You can check out the camping photos here.

Last weekend we had a camping trip for W. He invited four of his friends and we all headed out to Gibbon’s Creek to camp. The weather had been windy with a slight chance of rain, so I was glad we got the only covered picnic table area. That came in handy later when we had some brief showers, but it was mostly the wind that was the problem. We had one tent blow over and somewhere during the day the birthday balloons disappeared, likely blown free during one of the many gusts while we were away from the camp site.

All in all, it was a successful camping trip. The kids had a blast playing and the dads all had a great time too. No one was seriously hurt, and everyone stayed mostly dry.

Laundry List

Turner Boys

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s probably because life has been so busy. B just turned one year old, and not to be out done with firsts, W just had his first trip to the ER a couple weeks ago.

I also changed jobs in late September. A new opportunity to work with some friends opened up and I love the software they’re building, so it was just a no-brainer decision to give working with them a try. I don’t expect to regret that decision, and so far I haven’t. God may have really blessed me with a neat opportunity here, and there may be the potential for some more interesting opportunities in the future with these group of guys.

The boys and I have also really enjoyed each other lately. B is getting just old enough to laugh and play along with W and I. W and I have also been getting along much better as of late. We had a rough spell through the summer where there was some challenging of authority, and general jealousy with my attention for B, but that seems to have settled down now.

I’ve also decided to kick all the programming talk off of this blog and onto a separate one: It’s a common problem on the net these days where you have various groups of interests and people, and sometimes for simplicity sake you want to be all things to all groups in the same place (such as a blog, twitter or facebook account). That doesn’t always work so well. Most of you reading this blog only care about one thing — the family. So, you’ll be happy to know that it’s going to stay that way. In a lot of ways, this might help with my posting frequency. I think I was holding off on posts because I didn’t want this to blog to be dominated by my family life, but I’ve  decided that’s okay now, as long as I have a venue for the other things as well. So, maybe the end result of all this is that you’ll get more out of me on this blog going forward. One could only hope, huh?

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Last weekend, there was a free photo booth setup at the wedding we attended. I’ll leave it at that. You can find all of the photos here. Yeah, everyone is in there somewhere. If you know what we look like, you can find us. If you don’t, well, it’s probably better that way.

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Dewberry Haul

While we were picking berries, W got stuck by the thorns, cried like he had just lost an arm, and asked us why God put thorns on dewberries. We told him to keep little boys from eating them. He sat there in silence thinking about that, so we had to quickly correct ourselves and explain that it was really to keep the pesky birds from eating all the berries before the kids could get to them. I could tell he was only mildly satisfied with that answer, since it didn’t really help him figure out a way to get berries without getting stuck.

Later on, he figured out how. Let Mom and Dad pick em .. then eat them when we get home. And of course, a big bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with fresh dewberries goes a long way towards erasing any painful memories of thorns. W loved em.


As usual, password is home phone number without spaces or dashes.

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Here are a couple videos from the Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. As usual, the password (for any password protected content) is our 10-digit home phone number without spaces or dashes.

Wesley’s 2010 Eggstravaganza from Kevin Turner on Vimeo.

Ross King Concert from Kevin Turner on Vimeo.

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Manhood Photo



In keeping with the manhood quote, here’s a photo of me and my oldest boy that makes me pause.

As the father of two boys, I think a lot about who I am and who I want them to be. I don’t think there is enough time in the day to canvas that topic, but sometimes I run across things that deserve a hat-tip because I agree with them so much.

I was in NYC at the museum of natural history and etched into the giant wall near the entrance was this quote:

A man’s usefulness depends upon his living up to his ideals insofar as he can.

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

All daring and courage, all iron endurance of misfortune-make for a finer, nobler type of manhood.

Only those are fit to live who do not fear to die and none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life.

—Theodore Roosevelt

As much as I aspire for them to live up to a quote like that, it’s equally humbling to ask if I am.

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